CREDINS Bank Kosovo CREDINS Bank Kosovo will be an integrated bank, focused on innovation. The strategic goal of the Bank is to be leader in efficiency and to establish excellent relationships and experiences with customers. By creating an effective sales strategy, the bank shall provide competitive products and services and design attractive marketing campaigns. CREDINS Bank Kosovo aims to grow quickly, ensuring to have a careful risk profile and generate value for its shareholders.

CREDINS Bank Kosovo is supported by CREDINS Bank in Albania, which provides expertise, corporate good governance for establishing functional organizational structures, efficient operation and adaptation of technological developments, so that the Bank can grow and expand in the market.

CREDINS Bank Albania is an Albanian financial institution established in 2003 with its Head Offices in Tirana. It operates through 59 branches throughout the country, with over 950 employees and provides its services to more than 325,000 customers. CREDINS Albania Bank is ranked among the 3 largest banks in the banking system for total assets, deposits and it is also the first largest bank in the country in terms of loan portfolio. A universal bank delivering banking products and services that meet the requirements of our customers and empower individuals, households, businesses and institutions